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Birmingham Children's Hospital - Transplant Games


We have been sent some amazing news of one of our Gastronaut Ambassadors. Not only has he had a liver transplant but he also has had an ACE procedure. He didn't want this done until his mum requested one of personalised puppets.

He requested a Simon and as soon as he saw that Simon had an ACE he agreed to having one. Over the past 12 months he has raised a lot of money to enable other children to have a puppet.

Last weekend he attended the Transplant games as part of the Birmingham Children's Hospital team. The Games have got the Guinness World record for the most transplant people in one room at the same time. The number was 723.

Nathaniel then went onto win bronze medals for mini tennis and long jump, silver for table tennis and a gold medal for badminton. What an amazing day for him and his family. Not only taking part but winning medals as well. The icing on the cake was that Birmingham Children's Hospital won the Best Children's team category for the whole event and also Nathaniels team voted him Players Player.

He was over the moon and his family were extremely proud of him. The games also honours the donors as well as the achievements of the transplant patients. More information on donor donation can be found on their web-page.

We are always pleased to hear of achievements large or small from our members of the Gastronaut Club . If you would like to tell us your story please send us a message and we will try to feature it here and on our web page.

Nathaniel Gastronaut AmbassadorNathaniel Gastronaut Ambassador

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