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ICOEF (International Children's Ostomy Educational Foundation) UK


Reg. address: 41 Louville Avenue, Withernsea, HU19 2PA Charity No. 1168670

Tel:-01964 613690

Winding up of

International Children’s Ostomy Educational Foundation

United Kingdom on July 31st 2019

It is with regret that the Trustees of ICOEF Uk have agreed to the closing of the UK arm of the Charity. This decision has been taken after months of meetings by the Trustees working on new ways to keep the Charity “alive”. Sadly, these efforts came to no avail.

The Charity will close its doors on 31st July after operating the Uk arm for four years. During the time we have helped over 1100 children and adults learn the art of keeping their bodies “healthy”. We are known in 35 Uk hospitals, the last ones to be visited was Exeter and Torbay where four more puppets were presented.

During the time we have been operating we have covered the Uk giving these educational puppets away in England, Northern and Southern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Our members have visited Hospitals, given talks to organisations and attended seminars around the Uk promoting the help that these educational puppets can give to both parents and the children themselves. Grampy Ron Gastronaut even had his own Facebook group and page. Sadly, in the last few days, this was closed by Facebook as Grampy Ron was not a “real” person.

Our office will close on 31st July 2019, our staff will still handle the calls until the end of August to allow for any unforeseen “problems” that may occur. After the 31st of July all puppet orders will be automatically sent to the EU branch for completion.

The Trustees have asked me to thank all our suppliers and manufacturers for their help and support during the last four years. A special thanks in particular to all our volunteers, fund raisers and sewing teams in Hull and Withernsea.



Judith White President ICOEF Uk

John White Vice President UCOEF Uk

Carolyn White Trustee

David Townend Trustee

Karen Applegarth Trustee

Nina Firth Trustee

Andrew Firth Trustee


Vice President I.C.O.E.F.Uk

I.C.O.E.F.Uk is a registered charity no. 1168670 Bank 40-25-49 a/c 90259942

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